– 2015 Harvesting

2015 Harvesting at Domaine Prieuré Roch Cheers and hello, it's France 3! Yes, hello! We are content to be happy and happy to be content! -Hey buddy, -Come over here please! What did you do last night? Tell me everything! Not much. I looked at my facebook messages. And you had some messages? A girl sent me a message. Oh a girl? And? You have a date tonight? You're on Facebook, Mica? -We won't be finished until fairly late? -10 O'clock? At 9:30? We'll be finished by 9, I like that better. Though earlier it looked like it'd be a short afternoon. That's better. No problem. It's one of those rare years with only half the sorting to do, it's superb! Not an enormous harvest but one of superb quality. If only every year were this magnificent, but with a little more volume. Come on everyone, on the bus! We dream every year of harvests like this, it's magnificent, nothing to throw out, very little anyway. Beautifully balanced, textbook perfect! great alcohol level, beautiful tartaric acidity, all good! We're picking and it's dry, not too warm. We've got everything. What more could we want? Take your time getting those leaves off! Was that Ninus who said she was tired? Yes. You'll sleep well tonight then, won't you! Baskets, baskets... Porter! Porter! Porter! Better have a ticket, because.. If every harvest were like this year, that'd be cool! Thank you everyone! See you next year!