Hugues Lepin, new commercial director of the Domain

Hello, my name's Hugues Lepin. The new Commercial Director of Domaine Prieuré Roch. I joined the team on June 1st of this year. I've taken on a huge challenge: managing the restaurant clients we work with directly, as well as individual customers. My background is that of a sommelier, with nearly 20 years of experience... working in prestigious establishments across France and England. I joined the team, which welcomed me with open arms, for my first complete harvest and wine-making experience. I am very pleased to be part of the team here, because it aligns perfectly with the kind of wines I love, emphasizing a respect for nature, and the respect for the daily dedication we put into our work. I am particularly fortunate since I've known the Domaine for about 15 years. I worked extensively with it when I was a sommelier. Now finally getting a look behind-the-scenes, into how these exceptional wines are produced, is a fantastic opportunity!