The pruning

For Guyot pruning... we spur the cane, old cane, spur this last bit, prune it again... So I cut off the old cane, like last year. I'll cut the cane here, the old cane like this, cut it in two, tidy the vine... so we'll have three branches on last years' spur, I try to make a spur which is in line with the row, I'll cut this one: spur with two buds, the spur and the cane are left, I cut the cane 8 buds along. and tidy it up for attaching this year. There are 3 buds on top then 7 or 8 buds. So then we bend it... like this, attach the cane, and then next year's branches will bear fruit. Here the spur from last year has done well, so we keep the best branches to cut the spur and cane. And we tidy it up.