1988 : Birth of the Domaine Prieuré Roch

I fell head over heels in love in 1979 I think, something like that, when visiting Goillotte. I thought: "This should be interesting", but I knew even less than today. In 1988, this famous Goillotte was for sale, I jumped at it, without knowing, how to manage things. I have had plenty of luck in my life, good teachers, good friends... Some I hadn't necessarily known for a long time I might add. They gave me advice, things that bit by bit we've perfected. Yet today we still find room for improvement. It's clear that it's in constant motion. Nothing is fixed. So obviously Domaine Prieuré Roch 1988, was 2 hectares of Vosne Romanée on 4 different parcels. Today it's 14 hectares. Quite different wines, they come from Gevrey Chambertin in Clos de Béze, until recently Ladoix village, passing by Clos Vougeot, Suchot Premier Crus... and then the Admiral of the fleet which is Clos des Corvées. It's a monopole of 5 hectares in Nuits St Georges Premier Cru, on Premeaux, but in Nuits St Georges Premier Cru. A monopole vineyard of five hectares in Burgundy is a rarity. Certain colleagues of mine thought of carving it up, I thought that was complete heresy, it would have been catastrophic, because the idea of a monopole is not interesting to say “it's all mine so I can do what I want with it". It's not that, a monopole truly provides the spirit of the wine. Within the entire context of its 'climat'. It's a vineyard which is very ancient, Clos des Corvées, its written history dates back to the 14th century. So it came to be for reasons of taste. It would be a real shame to lose that! On the contrary, we must try to start to bring these parcels together, in order to recover the entire personality of the wines. It's very difficult, in fact almost impossible. So this Clos des Corvées was on the market, I jumped on it... willingly and without much calculating, not having the money in my pocket to buy myself this vineyard, it was a bluff, that's true... clearly... But I felt that something had to be done. That was in 1995, we are now in 2010, several years after, we're seeing the rewards, with very millerandés grapes, with the old sections... which give us superb things. It's a wine of a fantastic race. We had... the quite extraordinary fortune, to come across a bottle of Clos des Corvées 1898, we didn't prepare it too well, we hadn't done the things we should have, but it was nonetheless damn good, with a kick to it, the spirit was there, it was an old wine for sure the spirit was totally there, the character of the wine was very present. Otherwise we would have accompanied it, but it wasn't at all about comparison, it was just for the pleasure, with a Clos des Corvées 1998, exactly a century between the two. It was quite interesting as a link to parentage.