2022 Vintage Summer Concerns

I’m here speaking to you at the Clos Vougeot... to explain how this year’s vintage is working out… It’s been another unique year, totally different from the past. Hot weather early in the season, so early budding, heat waves… Very little rain, or rather not often... but when it rains, it pours very hard, High risk of hail, a nearly constant threat: we had nearly 3 weeks of hailstorm warnings… hail fell a little on some different plots, nothing too serious, except for at Gevrey, where in only 3 hours, one plot got more than 100mm of rain... Unfortunately, the rain had hailstones, which seriously damaged the vineyard… We’ll manage... but it'll involve a lot more work for the pickers and the sorting tables. We’ll need to remove a great deal, something we already did one year ... which tripled the harvest time, which makes things very complicated… What else can I say about this vintage? The harvest will begin very early, probably the beginning of September or possibly the end of August. We should be able to start... This year has been very hot, it’s difficult to evaluate, Will the grapes get very big? Will they become ripe everywhere? Might the grapes stop growing due to the heat, I don’t know. It's difficult to predict. The problem is that... As for disease there have been a few concerns. The heavy rains didn’t allow for us to do the mid-season fungal treatments. So now there are signs of downy mildew and a little powdery mildew as well… We hope we can manage to stop fungal spread... so the fruit can ripen normally. The major problem we’ll have soon, won’t be the vegetation... But rather: finding workers for the harvest... We’re hoping this year unlike last year, we’ll get enough workers from the start... because last year there were only one-third the workers we needed then. Which made things very complicated. Given the way this year’s harvest is looking, there will be some work. So let’s hope we can find the workers we need right from the start, so we can harvest under the best conditions. Otherwise for the harvest itself, considering what we have growing... It looks like we'll be dealing with an abundant yield. If all of this ripens normally, we will have a very good vintage year. Potential yields with a lot of grapes, the bunches being just the right size. This vintage may have quantities we've rarely had. However, with the heat waves and storms, there’s also the potential of getting a reduced harvest. If today we knew that everything growing now, would be harvested... this would be an exceptionally abundant vintage. I think, given the heat we've had, the alcohol content will not be an issue. We should get an excellent quality fruit… but it will need some water from time to time, because with this heat, if there’s no rain, the vegetation won’t develop, which complicates the final results.