7- People who taught me

Henry Frédéric Roch founded Domaine Prieuré Roch in 1988. Mindful of the wine-making traditions and pedological singularity of the Burgundy terroir, he developed and enhanced the domaine by scrupulously applying the ancestral methods of tending the vines, the vinification , and cellering which have historically made the wines of Burgundy so glorious, methods known today as “organics” and “bio-dynamics”. Becoming co-director of Romanée Conti following the death of his brother Charles, he shares his viticultural vision and his passion of fine wines with Yannick Champ, whom he has nominated co-director of Domaine Prieuré Roch. People like Marcel Lapierre, Aubert de Villaine, helped me a lot. I've met a lot of people... Some don't even know, just how much they've taught me. Simply by explaining a small detail, that turned out to be... a key to understanding... the foundations of something that had not been clear to me. Actually it is by discussing things, that we can obtain information here and there. Then we try to understand. I was saying earlier... that in 1988, I knew nothing, even less than I do today. Now I have a bigger thirst for learning than I had in the 80’s. Because now I have a lot of questions I didn't have in the beginning. Now I see there are concepts that are important to understand. So we dig a little deeper. We try and see where things can go, and to develop tactics... to improve. That’s what is very important. I should mention my grandfather, who was among the 'greats' among wine-makers, I did not really understand what it was all about, but it was admirable. I can also say both my parents... loved it when a job was well-done. They tried to do things as best as possible. Always perfectng their efforts. Even though we know that one never really manages it. Getting the closest to perfection is our goal, every morning we try to do things better. We have made progress but there is still work to do.