Drilling holes in the barrels

It's not obvious... to have this centred. I'm drilling holes in the barrels of our 2016 vintage... To prepare for our next racking off. We do this at around 20 to 22 months of ageing... for the 'grand crus' and 'premier crus', so this year we're racking off the 2016. The barrels are delivered without any holes... So I'm preparing the holes, This will allow us to rack off the wine. I do this because the wines of the Domaine are never filtered. and so the decision of when to rack off... is based on taste. The wine must taste good, and we also wait for the right atmospheric pressure: the higher and more constant the pressure is over several days... the more the gross lees and suspended matter... will stick to the bottom of the barrel. And so, if the wine tastes good, and I've prepared the holes, then I can insert the tap to rack off the wine, without disturbing the lees settled at the bottom of the barrel.