Harvest and vinification 2020

We'll manage... If it turns out we have extra porters, that's no problem. Don't worry, go ahead... One, two, three, four... There are three extra porters. It doesn't matter, they can pick instead... Who is in this row? Wait, he's not filming yet... Two hundred and fifty... Where will this be broadcast? He sent ten thousand euros, which he never saw. He never saw it? Forget it. That sounds like a scam. Please! A love song? Come on! One from my repertoire? I'm going to choose... This one for example... (continues to sing in Italian) Vegetarian for the vegetarians... There's only the number exact... For the vegetarians. Later we'll be going up top? Yes, we'll be working here after. Leave the crates there, we'll take them up with the 4 X 4. Thank you dear. After we work here? Where can I wash my hands? There's nothing here, there's a water container up there. - There's still a lot of people left? - Yes there are. It's from the depths, which generate the means... Porter! The brigade is all here! Benji... Just like the Dalton brothers! Because, after all for the grapes... we just need to... take time to tread them down well... If we take our time... to tread gently, progressively... We try to obtain something that's basically flat... That's right, we agree? - Wil? - Yes. Zero three... One-oh-nine-one. One thousand ninety-one. Has... - Fourteen degrees. - 14°. Some are going to get hit hard. They'll get a nosebleed! Arsona won't get in the way... Larcha! What a bunch of dorks! Be more serious, it's being filmed... Christophe got me plastered... E4 E5 E6, 12... Alcohol or... If you can get two casks from it... It would be the most, but two casks is good. The idea is to add juice from N°25 onto N°34's cap. Like we did yesterday,... But this time without air. We're not trying to oxygenate it, but simply to make it cooler. Add it directly onto the cap, just to cool it down. It's really low. Don't start finding an excuse... I've never seen so many people watching while we empty the vats. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight... You're serving like Pete Sampras... - Zero. - Out. Out. Out, out... I can choose the music for the end! We don't need to keep it running for two hours? We'll get it started now. We'll do the second wine press afterwards. It's full. OK, you're right. We'll make a video like this every evening to analyze mistakes. OK, sure... In the jungle of my hair, Élisa, Élisa Élisa throw your arms around my neck, Élisa, Élisa, Élisa look for lice for me, Give me something English, and the part in the middle... We are 13 or14 years apart in age... Here... I think it's finished now. Check it. Looks good. No, leave that alone. That's it... Put that in the video! That's how we do things here. That's right, we spoke about it earlier. You have me do something wrong to... They're moving the barrels around without using any chocks... That'll stress them. I'm finishing it up slowly. Let it bleed the air out, then close it slowly... Completely... Then you move it away a bit, it'll follow. Whatever you do, don't lower it, raise but not lower...Otherwise... You can see the difference between a pro and an apprentice. This year in any case, things have been difficult. First there was the lockdown... Fortunately, we were able to continue working in the vineyard. Following a certain protocol, everybody came with their own vehicle so as to avoid car sharing. It was complicated, for the crew, because everybody was isolated. Working in different plots... So it was difficult for everyone. A harvest, as I've said, with particularly healthy fruit. So it's true there are positive aspects as well for the harvest. The lifeblood is effectively, this year's yield. And that will be something we should know in a few weeks. On the whole we can say we're happy, we've had a superb quality harvest. The juice tastes really very good. It's fruit driven... in spite of the hot year we've had, we won't have the degrees obtained in 2018, we didn't finish like then by going above 14 or 15 degrees. So it's stayed at reasonable levels of 12° to 14° for most of the plots. We'll have thirst-quenching beauties, which we've come so much to appreciate. Thanks to all the grape harvesters and the entire Domaine's crew, until next year!