Jean-Lucien et François the taskers at Clos des Corvées

Hello, I'm Jean-Lucien and I live in Ruffey-lès-Beaune. I began working here at the Domaine mid-February. I've been working in vineyards since I was 17. That's when I began my apprenticeship. this followed my working during a harvest here, because I had already worked as a tasker (tâcheron) before... I'm still a tasker today... I started learning about the Domaine here, because Arnaud and I met while both working at a Ladoix vineyard. They needed a lot of people to harvest at Clos des Corvées. two hailstorms had hit there... making things more complicated. So after that harvest... I applied for a job here... in case they'd need a tasker. So here I am... I'm really happy here, I'd only heard of it before then, but I didn't know it was a family business. There's a lot of work here in the vineyard, it's a 5.2 hectare domain. So we split it in two... between me and my colleague, François, who's up there. I work the old part here and he's in the new part. The job basically involves... being totally responsible for one part of the vineyard... from A to Z, so... It's like being my own boss. But the work has to get done on time, so that the tractors can come through. But work has to be top notch, in order to get beautiful grapes, and a healthy beautiful vineyard... I'm François Bouillot, I've been working on half of the Clos eds Corvées as a tasker since January, mid January. Most of my vines are young, but in a tiny part they are older... I used to work in the Rhone Valley where grew Syrah. This is both a change of climate, and a change of cépage for me. What's great here is that these are super terroirs. The vinification done in the cellars... is in total harmony with what we do in the vineyard, we try to create the best possible product... and this from the vine, all the way to the cellar. It's super, because the product is fully respected. There are practically... no additives. This is totally in line with the philosophy here. As a tasker, you have to do everything. Taking care of the vineyard year in, year out. We do it all by hand with picks, or shears, but we don't drive tractors. Only tractor drivers do that. We monitor the vineyard carefully, like gardeners. We are given a single plot that we have to nurture, from A to Zs. What's good about it is you can really put your guts into it... because you're tracking and observing the vines every day. That's how you get top quality.