Laurent Mottey introduces the upcoming vintage

Hello there. Let me tell you about the 2023 season so far. Which is looking good this year. Perhaps even quite good compared with some other years. What's specific to this year is that we had no severe frost. No spring frost, which is very good for us. We have a fairly generous grape yield. it looks beautiful, abundant, and clean... So no worries about that. There's been a water shortage, but we did get rain... when it was needed. So the grapes are starting to grow well. So this year looks like... we will have some good sized clusters. Beautiful grape clusters, which got rain when it was needed. As for the flowers, there was a bit of coulure, which allowed air to circulate among the large clusters... and that's rather good.. However, it's a bit complicated to predict the harvest today... because several factors can change everything. One issue is the significant powdery mildew pressure. Currently, we have very nice foliage, very beautiful clusters, no disease on the fruit or leaves. So it's a good sign at this stage. We should reach cluster closure in a healthy state. So health conditions are looking good. What could bother us may be uncertain weather conditions. If it turns rainy for a long period and we lose sunshine, despite having many clusters, it won't be good if they don't ripen... However, it doesn't seem to be the current trend. What's always on our minds and we fear... I keep my fingers crossed... as we've been really lucky compared to other vineyards... are violent storms! Hailstorms. Any hail would be catastrophic. Today, that's probably the only thing... that could ruin our harvest. What we see today promises... to be a harvest we eagerly await, we are excited to bring it in and secure it, and... and we should have a truly beautiful vintage. So this year's promising.. We always hear that vintages are nice. That they're good, exceptional, ... they're this or that. But this year is really among those years, and it'll be my 22nd harvest... For this year... I have a strong feeling it'll be one of the most beautiful ones.