Mélanie Trapet à la tâche des Varoilles

My name is Mélanie Trapet. I used to work in a vineyard at Gevrey-Chambertin... I was a cultivation manager there. I needed a change, to see another domaine, with a rather lovely reputation, if I can express it that way. And also to learn about organic and bio-dynamic methods. So I decided to join Domaine Prieuré Roch... as a vineyard labourer. So I’ll be taking care of this entire plot here... all year round, all alone… The Clos des Varoilles. This is a 1er cru in Gevrey-Chambertin. and my plot is 2.62 hectares, Benjamin has the same and works the other half of the Clos… I began here on November 2nd. I worked two weeks with the crew just before... to learn how they operate and to get to know the crew. So I began working the vineyard here on November 2nd, there you have it… So the plot where I work, is this whole lower section. All the way down. It depends but basically the vines are quite strong, but some of the vine stock is a bit high, So my challenge is to work things until the vines become more normal.