Millesime 2016 : the film

Hello. Filmed by Yves Belaubre One bucket and one pair of secateurs each. One per person. So let's get to it. The grapes are quite lovely but rather few this year. So pay double attention. Just because they're so good... it won't mean there'll be less sorting, not at all. There'll be no sorting afterwards! That means everything in the bucket must be perfect. Nothing on the ground or left on the vines. Take the time to get the leaves off, remove any dry berries. We don't want any dried fruit. Any that are 'figgy', meaning soft but a bit flat like raisins, we keep them, they're bursting with sugar, flavour, everything. So we keep the 'figgy' ones, take off any spoiled or dried berries... this goes for the porters too. The porters, who will follow behind the pickers, they will check behind to see that nothing's missed. Behind everybody. So those who haven't picked before, work beside those who have... Eighty percent of the people here know what to do, so get beside one of them and don't be afraid to ask. The crew from the estate are here too. They can explain if you don't know something... Laurent, we need some porters! Hold on, two seconds... One, two, three, four, five. OK? Up to here. OK? Next, Guy, here's your first, Five rows up to here. One, two, three, four, five.... Good concentration of sugar! OK... Release it... lift it up all the way here. OK. Then pull, like that. Don't be so... Smile, you're being filmed. Look, the weather's great! So enjoyable. The end of September, I like this. Come see boss, it's a job interview! It's your best side! I turn this way? So, it's for posterity? It looks good. If it was all this good, that'd be great. We'll see... Here, we weren't too affected by freezing, Hautes Mazieres is doing rather well! It's one place that's working out very well. If it was like this at Prémeaux that would be wonderful, but that's not the case... Gorgeous, tomorrow you'll be a star! That's right. 17 and a half, 18 in April. What a youngster! Well this youngster can make your head spin, watch out! What a youngster! That's why they didn't hire him over there. Instead of choosing lazybones who stay in bed all day, they should take serious workers! Smile for the camera! He's the boss here. Soon, soon, you'll see! It's just part of the harvest, all that! That's Pinot Noir, and that's Bleurot, and that's verjuice, it's unripe! I'll pick it up later. The buckets need to go in the bus. Don't stack them. -Were some left unpicked in your row? -A little, yes. Go tell your picker please. A complicated year... High pressure because of mildew. What's left is rather nice, but with a small harvest. For the whites... even smaller for the reds. Because the Pinot Noir is more susceptible than Chardonnay to mildew. Unfortunately this year... Spring wasn't good... It's the same for all the estates of Côte de Nuits. On the wetter ground like here... We see more mildew than on the crus like Maizières, which are better drained. There's already not much so if you miss some... Shall we have a smoke? You want a smoke? Have you finished the rows over there? Claude! Send me some pickers once they're finished over there. You're filming? We're being filmed! Right, OK! -Cheers! -Cheers ! Cheers friends! Every time Yaya asks for a photo from Steven, he sends it immediately, and Antonio mocks him, he calls him an ass-kisser. So when Antonio asks, he takes three or four days, making him impatient. Once Steven and I bombarded him with random photo's, like a box of tissues or a glass... Here we're at Clos des Corvées. Unfortunately, the crew is only picking, at best, a quarter of what the harvest should be. The frost robbed us this year, but you can't fight against nature... but we set about getting the best... from what little is left. This morning, we're at Clos de Bèze. We like picking this parcel early morning, to get the grapes while it's nice and cool... So we bring in the grapes at an optimum temperature. Clos de Bèze is one of the gems of Côte de Nuits... we have the opportunity to exploit one hectare. This year we lost almost 50%... due to frost on this parcel. So you can see the vines... that have only a small yield. What's interesting is the grapes are very small, they're called 'Millerand' grapes. They have an exceptional quality... we have very good sugar levels and good acidity, and the quality of 2016 seems, for the moment at least, the quality of the wine... would seem at this point... we're still only at harvest, but the quality is rather exceptional! but this will be at the expense of quantity. Once again in Burgundy. It's Saturday October 15th, and we're going to dig out this season's last cuve, Clos Goillotte. Clos Goillotte this year was one of the few parcels... not to have been affected, or was minimally hit by frost. So it had a near normal harvest... One of the rare parcels for this year. The fermentations have been quite rapid this year, we started harvesting on September 24th. It's October 15th... Which means three weeks for all the fermentations. It's short but this can be explained, by the small cuves, the small quantities, quicker to pick and faster to ferment.... This is the first thing we do each day during the fermentation, for each cuve. We check the yeast activity by measuring the sugar levels. The juice is rich in sugar, and the yeast is inclined... to feed on the sugar to produce alcohol. So every day, morning, midday, and evening, we check the yeast activity. This year we had a great team in the winery. There were five, which, for the quantity of grapes, is almost ridiculously overstaffed. But the crews are established a long time ahead of time. It was a truly international team, as we had Antonio from Italy, Kristof from Poland, our friend Steven from Australia who was here as an observer, and Henry's daughter Christelle Roch who came here from Switzerland. So 2016 is a very international vintage! La production est très faible. Aucun propriétaire de domaine n’aime dire ça… on aime tous produire du bon fruit et beaucoup de bouteilles de vin, alors quand on voit des cuves vides dans la Cuverie, oui, cela peut être déprimant… We might have hoped for the pressing to bring a nice surprise, that there might have been a bit more juice, sadly it was just the opposite: it was difficult to extract much juice. I was very careful at the end of pressings not to extract any vegetal material... So we pressed very gently, as usual, but in the end this meant we had very little juice. Here we sing the praises of Clos Vougeot. Happily it's one of the vineyards which came out best. We have practically the same yield as last year. So we're happy... We would have liked that everywhere... Six barrels lined up and one set on top, that'll make two rows. Music: Waltz for Roberta, by Suzanne Belaubre Thanks to all the grape-harvesters! Thanks to the entire staff of the Domaine, and thanks to Henry Frédéric Roch who made it all possible.