In our new offices

Hello. Welcome to the Prieuré Roch Domaine. Here we are in our new facility in Prémeaux-Prissey, where we moved our offices to at the beginning of 2022. Below our feet here, we’ve carefully stored our wine. The building is newly finished, and we’re so happy to have moved here. The original idea was to have something simple and clean, in terms of building and construction materials. The furnishings add color here and there, and also create the layout as it’s a total open-space design… of 100m2 (over 1000 square feet). Here we have the director’s office. It’s the choice of furniture that gives life to the whole space. There are spaces for co-working… and small gatherings here and there, a kind of reception area, simply made up of furniture marking the entrance, the office area here, “wellness” zone, and… along with, what is it called? – Conference room? Private…? – Private booth. Private conference booth. The furnishings are coloured, exuberant, whereas the building is quite simple. And who chose the colours? Mr. Jallet right here! Indeed. All of this began with the furniture, which inspired me as a kind of Mondrian composition. I felt that, as it’s a simple design, why not choose simple furniture. But I didn’t want it to be colourless. So I added extra colour: which are orange and yellow… Henry-Frédéric Roch’s yellow, and green. That’s the story. I wanted to highlight that, as it’s a struggle to get colour in here. You’re referring to your painting? My paintings go very well with the colours, don’t they? This one, yes, and the other one too… which goes with the booth. Yannick had the idea for the soundproof booth. He wanted a place where we could talk, even in an open space, without others being able to hear you. And it works: it’s totally soundproof! Once inside, nothing can be heard being said outside. I’m Nathalie Paludetto, sales assistant here at Prieuré-Roch. I’m in contact with many of our customers. I prepare customer orders… with Antonio, our Cellar Master. The orders are then prepared for shipping… both for within France and a larger part for export. My role is to speak with our importers, all over the world, and send our wine off safely. So they then can be appreciated when they make it to their destination.