Organic cultivation

Quite naturally, when Henry created the domaine in 1988, he moved towards organic agriculture. It's true these days organics is very much a trend, organic agriculture, we eat organic, drink organic, but not 25 years ago, when notably the premier crus' terroirs and grand crus' of Burgundy, it was a novelty. Why this turn towards organics? Quite simply a respect for the soil, it's our means of living, respect for our workforce, the men who work the vines, and respect for the consumer, whom we would prefer not to poison! More than a concept, organic agriculture is a philosophy. We stimulate the natural defence system of the vine. This way it can better fight disease or infection. Of cours e copper sulphate is still used against downy mildew, sulfur against powdery mildew, but we absolutely refuse to use any synthetic chemical products. Our treatment program would involve during "easy" years which means... when the weather is very mild, and there's not much risk of disease... we'll have no more than 10 or 12 treatments. In more difficult years we would need 15, or even 16 treatments. These years our carbon footprint... would be larger as we treat more often. But we have to balance these decisions... and we choose to treat more frequently, using only surface contact treatments. this means non-penetrating treatments, and not the kind of chemical products... that are absorbed by the plants, which end up leaving chemical residues in the grapes themselves.