Our new bottling station

We are bottling our 2019 Clos de Vougeot today. Earlier we hand-bottled the jeroboams, directly from the vat. We did this directly from the vat, exclusively using gravity flow. We then went on to the magnums and now the regular bottling. This is new to our bottling station: we now have a bottle washer... A washer to clean the bottles on the inside. It injects water inside, there is no added air, the remaining time the bottles are left to empty and drip-dry. That way our bottles can totally dry over a fairly long period. Next is the new bottling system... which only uses a gravity flow, there is no longer any pump involved, thus avoiding any contact between the wine and any air. Everything is managed by gravity… We have a new corking system as well that corks at a steady rhythm, whether we are working rapidly or slowly, the corking speed is always the same. The corks are only compressed the minimum time needed... not long, so that way they return to their original shape faster. This is much better for corking... Our new system here works very well, although a bit slower than others. A bit slower, but a higher quality system for bottling our wine.