Premnord restaurant : the spring menu

Hello everyone, we first opened on July 3rd last year. We are very pleased with our beginnings. We have a lovely clientele, especially local winemakers, and customers from Nuits-Saint-Georges, and from even as far as Dijon. We are reconnecting with our customers after a month of closure, with a new menu created by Céline, our chef, featuring many original dishes. We continue to offer our lunch formula at €26... with a choice of starter-main or main-dessert. Or three courses for €30. A new feature since reopening, is you can now have an à la carte lunch. This adds a bit more diversity to what we offer. So for the first 6 months of operation, we've built up a loyal clientele, because many of our customers return, even traveling from Dijon to see us. We are very pleased with our beginnings. Their feedback has been very positive. We've continued our extensive wine list, which attracts many customers as well. We have 700 wine references, 80 of which are from Domaine Prieuré Roch. These include older vintages going back to 1997-98,... This also attracts many of our visitors. These are wines that can only be found here, of course. We look forward to welcoming you. We are open from Monday to Friday, And we serve both lunch and dinner. We are currently planning some special evening events , with the first one to be held on March 5th. One event will have it's menu centered on the Poiset farm... pairing wine and food... and using products from Poiset farm. We will communicate these events via social media, such as Instagram,... along with other surprise evenings you can follow on our social media. After a well-deserved vacation, we reopened the restaurant, and we now have a new menu. So we made some modifications, especially for the lunch menu. This allows guests to choose between the set menu or à la carte, giving people a larger range of choices. Thus providing people more options, for those wanting to associate food... with good bottles of wine. This means they can associate wines with a greater variety of dishes. If they want to order a menu with 3, 4, or 5 courses, that's a choice. We have not changed our philosophy, because we still obtain all our products from local farms. We get many of our products from the farmers’ market store in Beaune, which picks up the produce locally... from market gardeners and producers, then they deliver to us, ensuring that we always use local and seasonal ingredients. The new menu features "bistro" or "bouchon" style appetizers, with a focus on charcuterie. We propose dishes like boudin, calf's head carpaccio, beef pressé in a pot-au-feu style... with a ginger-chili sauce. I'd say it's a fairly "bistro" style... The calf's head is a favorite, we've had good feedback about it... As for the dishes, the menu is diverse, offering vegetarian, meat, as well as fish dishes. There's a bit of everything, but what's been really popular... is the pita bread with "pulled pork", a slightly confit shredded pork. Tarte à l'Epoisses,... it's similar to Maroilles tart but with Epoisses cheese. Maroilles tarts are made on a brioche base... It's quite delicious. It's brioche made using a ladle... you mix the batter, which is quite liquid, it doesn't look like it will solidify. But it does. Between lunch and dinner menus, there are no major differences, except in the evening there's a €38 menu, which may not necessarily consist of dishes from the regular menu, but the fixed menu itself remains the same as at lunch. One highlight is this caramelized endive... with orange, Espelette pepper, and a crispy honey and almond topping. We no longer offer a chef's tasting menu, it's not listed, but we are flexible. If a customer wants to create a menu... with more dishes to enjoy... and sample the entire menu, we can still accommodate that. The dessert menu has also changed. My personal favorite is the chocolate cappuccino, It's truly sumptuous. I enjoy going into the dining room to chat a little with people. Often they are friends of mine. So that's very pleasant, and the feedback is quite positive!