Premnord the Domaine Prieuré Roch new restaurant

1 Hello, I'm Franck Ragonietti, 2 the Premnord restaurant manager. 3 I joined the company on January 9th... 4 to oversee this beautiful establishment, 5 that will be opening soon. 6 I am very happy to be joining the family Domaine Prieuré Roch. 7 This restaurant will be open from Monday to Friday, 8 both for lunch and dinner, 9 and closed weekends. 10 We will offer a family-friendly and gourmet cuisine. 11 Our Head Chef, Céline Dédinger, 12 will present us with wonderful dishes, 13 including a daily menu which changes every week. 14 with a choice of two starters, two main courses, and two desserts. 15 And à la carte options as well... 16 There will be dishes to share, traditional homemade dishes, 17 such as slow cooked poultry casserole, 18 and family-style dishes we love to share with family and friends. 19 There will also be an à la carte menu as well as the dishes of the day. 20 we can indulge ourselves with 4 starters, 4 main courses, and 3 desserts... 21 Evenings, we will have a dinner menu with four courses for 45 euros. 22 Another fixed menu with six courses for 75 euros. 23 A surprise menu, based on Céline's inspirations... 24 allowing her creativity to shine. 25 I wasn't supposed to end up here, 26 but after discussing it with Yannick, 27 he convinced me... 28 The project is nice, the view is beautiful, 29 and we will work exclusively with local producers... 30 preferably organic. 31 We still have the Poiset farm, as we did at the Bist’roch, 32 which is still there... 33 and will provide us not only with eggs, poultry, and... 34 and pork, but also with lamb now. 35 I want to continue in the same vein as what I was doing at the Bist’roch... 36 anyway, it's what I know how to do, so I will do what I know... 37 Something simple, gourmet, dishes that are meant to be shared, 38 where the product takes center stage on the plate... 39 A cuisine that doesn't cheat: we have the flavors, 40 the essence and can identify what we eat, 41 and thus highlight what the producer has created... 42 We are now moving to the next level. 43 We have a team of six people in the kitchen: 44 including back there with Sébastien. 45 Wave to the camera! 46 Sébastien is our pastry chef. 47 He worked at Cèdre for 11 years before coming here… 48 For the starters, we have Frédéric, 49 whose back is turned to us. 50 and next to him is Cassandra, who is a kitchen assistant... 51 Handling the garnishes, we have Romain, 52 who made a career change to join us here... 53 So he's on the garnishes. 54 And right at the back of the kitchen, chatting with Sébastien, 55 is Florian, our Sous Chef. 56 I will be assisted by five people in the dining area: 57 my partner, who will oversee the guest rooms... 58 in terms of breakfasts, maintenance, and bookings... 59 A very talented sommelier, Gaël Saunié, 60 Three waitresses, including a bartender Mélanie Zaoui. 61 Julie Thévenet, who will also join us in the dining area... 62 and Allison Régley. 63 For reservations, you can either go directly via the restaurant's website, 64 the Premnord site, 65 or else by phone. 66 I personally handle the reservations... 67 It is also possible to privatize the venue, 68 to organize events, for around 40 or 50 people. 69 Our restaurant can accommodate up to 80 people... 70 We also have a 34-space parking lot, just in front of the restaurant, 71 making it easy for our customers to park, 72 and there are also two accessible parking spaces, 73 at the entrance of the restaurant. 74 The parking lot is secured by a barrier-controlled entrance.