September 2014 : Krzysztof “pige” the grape by foot

At the Domaine we try to do the 'pigeages' by foot. So a simple crushing is at the start of the fermentation. Then once the yeasts become more active, we do deeper 'pigeages' by foot. When the yeasts are most active, up to 2 'pigeages' per day may be necessary. Then towards the end when the density is 1030° or 1020°, it becomes risky to continue doing it by foot. This because you could go through the cap, so then we do 'pigeages' with the bowl. The information is extremely important when gathered by foot 'pigeages'. So I try to always have the same person do the 'pigeages' from start to finish. We obtain information on temperatures, the areas which are hotter, these can change from one day to the next, so it's important. Also the firmness of the cap, and the colour of extracted juice, the texture of the mousse... It's very important to collect all of this information.