About the embottled 2018… by the cellar Master Antonio Quari

It is now the end of June, and we have bottled almost all the 2021 wines. The 2021 vintage is one that I particularly appreciate, a very Burgundian vintage. It has relatively 'low' alcohol levels, around 12, 12.5 degrees. So it's a very "light" vintage. It was a challenging vintage... because we experienced spring frost, which had a significant impact on us. The weather conditions that year were quite complicated: a very rainy August, the harvest didn't begin until September 20th, which is quite atypical compared to recent years. Consider that for 2018, 17, 19, 2020, and 2022... the harvest began by the end of August or early September. So, we are more in line with something more "old school", a more classic Burgundy. The wines also reflect that, a Pinot that's quite light, focused on fruit, and delicate. A very drinkable Pinot, with a lot of energy, Like the Pinots we used to make in the past. It was a vintage which can be said to have had us 'dancing' in the cellar. This because of changing conditions of the vineyard's health due to weather. we found ourselves preparing 2 or 3 vats at the same time, not knowing exactly what we needed to do the next day. It was really the weather conditions that guided us day by day, along with the great work done by the vineyard crews, who brought us healthy grapes in perfect condition, and the excellent work done in the cellar by the sorting teams and colleagues. There was a huge effort sorting, because the grape quality and health as you know, is essential... that's needed to even hope to obtain a quality wine, once bottled. Unfortunately the sorting resulted in significant losses. But that's what allows us to present a 2021 vintage today... for which we are very proud. We have 2 hectares here of white grapes, and I am very happy with the result. Unfortunately, we can't be satisfied with the quantities, as they are very low. But on the other hand, the whites have produced a beautiful vintage, following the same line as the reds: lots of elegance, and low alcohol levels, giving us some very drinkable white wines... When I talk about it "not being powerful", I mean these are light wines, but with a lot of energy... both for the whites and the reds. It was also a complicated vintage,... because for the first time in the history of the domain, we had to, quote, "abandon" a plot. The weather conditions were problematic, we know that, it's part of the job, but that year we also suffered from a lack of a workers, and it was very challenging to organize the harvest, with such a limited number of people available. We had to make choices: the priority, obviously, for the most renowned plots, and unfortunately, for the 2021 vintage, we didn't harvest the Gamay, which grows on a very small plot. One I particularly appreciate... because it reminds me of many memories I have with Henry, the "late-night Gamays"... So, unfortunately, there is no Gamay from 2021.