Wine-making without inputs

These are vinifications without input. So there's a whole set of potential complications... which just aren't there. We have to monitor things and make sure all's ok... verify that the fermentation is going well. And why not? The image I think of... is that of an obstetrician, they don't make the baby. So theoretically no inputs... and effectively the fermentations, which occur, need some guiding... or some help for this to happen. But these are not vinifications, where we decide... to block the grapes at 4 degrees for 6 days, to extract who knows what... It's not that kind of vinification, where we decide to heat it to 70 degrees for a set time and then... flash cool it afterwards. They are not those kinds of vinifications, they are rather those... which have made the reputation of wines, known today, For quite a while... we have a cuve, we put the grapes in it... we help it to ferment, under the best possible conditions. These days, it's all with modern facilities. A friend joked with me, saying: "That's fine, but a century ago... you'd make six barrels in an old barn. Three would be sour, but they'd say they're good anyway!” OK, these days we don't work like that. We've got nice flat concrete floors, stainless tanks, hot water, we have lighting, all sorts of wonderful gadgets, and that's fine. Just 40 years ago there were none of these. Only beaten earth floors, spill some wine and you'd get a bacteria colony, etc. No working at night as there was no lighting, leaky leather seals so more wine spillage, There's a whole lot of things which have improved. This has allowed us a much greater level of success.